PowerBlog: Diverse Voters, Deep Passions

Today at the Acton PowerBlog, I take a look at what New York Times exit poll data tells us about last night’s election. Excerpt:

In all, despite sharp division and incisive rhetoric, the electorate was far more diverse in their voting this year than I, at least, expected, and than many made it seem in their reporting last night.

To me, the perhaps most interesting division is on the level of the passions that motivated voters: Trump voters were angrier and more pessimistic. They were also more opposed to Clinton than in favor of Trump. Clinton voters were more satisfied or enthusiastic with the status quo, more supportive of their candidate, and more hopeful for the future. However, these numbers were not always as sharply divided between parties as they were in 2012.

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Everyday Asceticism: Racism and Asceticism

Today is the feast day of St. Moses the Black. In his honor, I wrote a post about one of the many stories about him from the Sayings of the Desert Fathers where it records his response to a few other “old men” (monks) who sneered at him with racist insults to test his character. Excerpt:

Abba Moses is named, these monks are not. Abba Moses is held up as an example, these monks are not. Abba Moses is depicted in icons, these monks are not. Abba Moses is venerated today, these monks are not venerated on any day, so far as we know. We sing hymns praising Abba Moses, but these monks have been forgotten. We ask for his prayers, but these monks may yet need ours.

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