PowerBlog: Beware the post-election narratives

Today at the Acton PowerBlog, I have a follow-up to my post from yesterday that examined New York Times exit polling data. The theme today is that no single narrative, no matter how comforting, can satisfactorily explain an unexpected event like the election of Donald Trump. Knowing this, we ought to guard ourselves against simply grabbing a hold of the narratives that best fit our own preconceptions.


[W]hile fascinated by the many factors that appear to have affected the result of the 2016 presidential race, I’m also trying to resist the need to have an easy explanation. Depending on the person, casting the result as wholly good or wholly disastrous may be comforting, but doing so simply does not reflect the complex composure of those people, equally created after the image of God as you and me, who actually voted in this country.

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