The Blessing of Form Rejections #amquerying

I recently started to query agents seeking representation for a novel I wrote (sorry, no details right now). While new to the querying process, I’m not new to writing or, thus, rejection. Furthermore, as an editor, rejecting people, smart people who may have done a lot of work on a submission just to get rejected by me, is part of my job. I know that, even though rejection never feels good, it isn’t personal.

Having received two form rejections already, and having read this great post from an agent’s perspective, I thought I might add something positive from an author’s perspective, something authors new to writing might find hard to see: form rejections are a good thing. Really.

Rejection sucks, sure (actually I’m skeptical about that too), but form rejections do not. They may feel bad to an author who isn’t used to the submission-rejection-revision-submission-and-then-maybe-getting-published process, but here’s why I think that feeling should be tempered: Continue reading